We Have A Winner! 2018 Lost Legends of Redwall Halloween Contest

We had some amazing entries this year for the Lost Legends of Redwall Halloween Cosplay/Costume Contest. You can see all the entries on Facebook.

The tribe voted and the winner by far was Slagar the Cruel created by Tsebresos.
You can follow along on how she created Slagar on both her Twitter hashtag as well as a great video post on Youtube.

So a big congrats goes to her for not just winning but rocking the process of creation too. Well done.

And just so you know, we are planning to make this a twice a year event. In celebration of ComicCon, we will launch the contests again with voting opening up again near the conference date July 18-21. So now that you know, you have plenty of time to come up with some great designs. Have at it and we will post more updates in the near future.