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Embark on one of three quests and live the adventure in this collection of choice-based titles:

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Three stories in one app

There are three gripping adventures to experience in the Lost Legends of Redwall mobile app:

The Wildcat Scroll

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A clan of wildcats is making its way to Redwall, and the rumor is they’re threatening war if their demands aren’t met. You, young mouse, must take on the role of Warrior, Healer, or Scholar to unravel the truth and save Redwall from certain demise!
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The Flowers of Icetor

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The dreadful Dryditch Fever has returned! The secret to the cure lies deep in the Northern Mountains, but time is running out. It’s up to you to save Mossflower Wood before all is lost!

The Caverns of Kotir

War consumes Mossflower, but a hidden scroll may be the key to ending Queen Tsarmina’s reign of terror. Assume the role of Gillig the otter to find the scroll and defeat the foes that stand in your path.
Redwall mobile character Gillig

Game Features

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Explore Mossflower

Visit a variety of new and familiar settings, from the stalwart walls of Redwall to the creepy caverns of Kotir; from the cozy halls of the Winsome Wraith to the windy mountainsides of Humbleback Village. Bask in the hand painted charm of the Redwall universe and live among the woodlanders.  

Charismatic Critters

Badgers, Turtles, and Shrews: Oh My! Lost Legends sports our largest cast of characters yet with over 60 beasts to meet and greet. But beware, not all who live in these woods are kind. Villains lurk in the shadows ready to strike. Will you be able to outwit those that would do you harm?

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Divergent Paths

With hundreds of choices to make, your adventure is truly yours. Make every playthrough fresh by changing up your choices and find secret encounters you never knew were hiding off the beaten path.

Redwall mobile magical music

Magical Music

All-new music from the composers behind “The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout.” Bring reading to a whole new level with mood-setting ambience, twinkling flourishes, and empowering melodies.

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For at home or on the go, Lost Legends is bite-sized yet binge-able hours of entertainment and invigorating story – read a few pages or the whole thing! But watch your candles, you can’t read without any light. Purchase a lantern and the fun never has to be put on pause. 

Redwall mobile good reading habits

Cultivate Good Reading Habits

Turn any mobile gamer into an avid reader with these Lost Legends of Redwall! Turn screen time into something more enriching. Lost Legends is sure to capture the imagination, keep your attention, and seed a desire to seek more stories outside the app! And with 22 books published since 1986 there is plenty to keep the adventure going. Purchase from our affiliate link here:

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YouTube, Twitch & Streaming Policy

Lost Legends of Redwall™: Official YouTube, Twitch & Streaming Policy

At The Lost Legends of Redwall™, we are all about the community having the ability to share and enjoy all of our games.

We encourage players to stream our games and we give permission to use footage of gameplay, screenshots, and audio from any of the Lost Legends of Redwall™ games. And for the purpose of these assets, we give permission for players to use them on commercial YouTube or Twitch channels as well as other streaming and video services and sites. PERMISSION IS GRANTED CONTINGENT ON ADHERING TO THE FOLLOWING:

  • BRANDING: We ask that any footage description include a link to the Lost Legends of Redwall™ website ( above the break ( before the “more”) so that viewers can easily find more information about the game being shown.
  • SOUNDTRACKS: We require any use of The Lost Legends of Redwall Soundtrack to also include the following attribution paragraph:

Music by THE LOST LEGENDS OF REDWALL™: THE SCOUT © SOMA Games LLC, The Redwall Abbey Company Limited and The Random House Group Limited, 2018. All rights reserved.

The Redwall Abbey Company Limited is the owner of the rights, copyrights and trademarks for REDWALL, BRIAN JACQUES and the characters, their names and the settings relating to the REDWALL™ books. All rights reserved.

The Lost Legends of Redwall™

  • SPOILERS: We want all of our Players have to have an enjoyable experience, and that includes the ability to be able to have a spoiler free experience if they so desire. For certain games, specifically, Lost Legends of Redwall:™ Escape the Gloomer, complete playthroughs could ruin that experience and we respectfully ask that you refrain from making them. That said, we don’t mind play-throughs of the first 4 chapters of Escape the Gloomer.
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