It’s (a)LIVE!

The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout is now live and ready for purchase in the Steam store!

Learn More About the Game

Feedback from Redwall fans has been very encouraging with comments like:

  • “As a diehard Redwall fan I was thoroughly impressed with the results…definitely the closest book-to-game rendition I’ve ever seen or could have conceived of the series.”
  • “So cool! Keep it up! Our youngin’ is over the moon with your work already, and is blown away at the quality of this release. More, please! ?”
  • “…I love Redwall and have been following this for a while…a solid 3D action platformer that reminds me of the Hobbit game from the mid/late-2000s. Gorgeous artwork and voice acting and dialogue that really catches the atmosphere of the Redwall universe…”
  • “…loving the game…very reminiscent and nostalgic of the old fantasy games I grew up playing (i.e the Hobbit etc)”

It’s been a very rewarding process to get here and we owe a lot of special thanks to a lot of people, including many of the people here, on Discord, and other places. From day one[] we always considered this license to be a responsibility and an honor more than an opportunity. To that end we’ve worked very hard to be open and candid, collaborating with the brilliant Redwall fan community as much as possible and while we can’t make everybody happy, we’re so glad to know we’ve been able to make a LOT of people happy.

How To Help

The question we get the most these days is from excited fans who want to know how they can pitch in and lend a hand. For the moment the answer is simple:

Play the game.
If you love it, let us know and write a review.

User reviews are a big deal here so we’d be honored if you took the time to play…actually play…and let folks know what you thought.

But Wait! There’s More

As exciting as the launch of The Scout is for all of here at Soma Games[] it’s only the first thing to come to reality. Here are some things in the near future to keep an eye out for:

  • The Vermin Update: Within the next ~30 days or so we’ll release the first major content update to episode one. It will include two new levels, lots of new dialog, and big improvements to how rats and werets work in the game.
  • Escape the Gloomer: The second major release of The Lost Legends of Redwall and something completely different. In partnership with Scott Adams (yes, THE Scott Adams[]…or at least one of them) Escape the Gloomer is a modern take on an old-school favorite, the text-based adventure. We’ll have more to say on this in the future but look for release in Q4
  • Much more…sure, that’s vague but the point we want to make is that a lot of gears are turning now and we have a nice long list of content releases and updates in the pipeline.

We hope you’ll lift a tankard with us to celebrate the achievement and we can’t wait to hear from all of you.


For those just catching up a quick recap of the road to this point goes like this:

  • In 2011 we had our first contact with the Redwall brand and were asked to make a “small mobile game” designed to support some other project that we’re really not supposed to talk about.
  • The much-loved author, Brian Jacques, passed away just after that initial conversation which understandably put the brakes on several things.
  • In 2014 we ran a small Kickstarter that succeeded and got us thinking about a full adventure game.
  • After a few years of slow burn pre-production we began building The Scout in earnest around Q3 2016
  • It entered Steam Early Access for Christmas 2017
  • It entered Beta in August 2018
  • It went LIVE September 14, 2018
  • And today you’re thinking, “Hey – I should give that game a spin!”Welcome to Redwall!

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