Anthology Announcement

Redwall Fans Rejoice! The long-awaited anthology is nigh! Play The Scout as one continuous game from Act 1 to Epilogue in the upcoming game, The Lost Legends of Redwall™: The Scout Anthology!

We’ve pooled every lesson we’ve learned along this journey to bring you the Scout in its full glory—from updated lighting to snappier controls, this edition will have it all and more.

Now is the perfect time for first-time players and long-time fans to hop into this Lost Legend of Redwall.


All acts one after another in 6+ hours of non stop adventure. That’s 17 levels spanning the trek from Lilygrove to Redwall Abbey. Rely on stealth, wit, and agility to evade your enemies as you make your journey to save the mouse you love!


A complete overhaul of lighting and ambience in Acts 1 and 2.  All the lessons learned and quality updates that we brought to Act 3’s initial release have been brought to the entire game front to back! Mossflower wood is richer, moodier, and more beautiful than ever before.


New “smoother”, “faster”, and “snappier” controls. Everything responds more quickly as you scurry, scramble, and explore. Updates to the animation and code should ensure your scouting is at its finest.

Bug Fixes

Hundreds of visual, gameplay, and experiential bugs have been tackled by our team of experts. (But don’t worry glitch hunters…there will always be little quirks for you to find.) And while the support for the individual acts will phase out, the Encore Edition will continue to receive fixes and updates for the foreseeable future.


Coming Soon to a Console Near You!

That’s right, Redwall will finally be coming back to your Playstation and Xbox! Complete with trophies, achievements and controller rumble. Making it easier than ever to share the experience with friends and family.

Special Update!

It’s too early to announce the specifics, but expect some bonus content on release that will set the anthology apart and give you a good excuse to treat yourself to this upgrade. Planned content includes new rooms, lore items, and cosmetics to collect.