Game update #1: Escape the Gloomer and more

We are very excited to announce the second game!
The Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer
It is now available on Steam and soon on the Amazon Echo (This Black Friday!).
You can find out all about the game at

Also, Escape the Gloomer was developed by our good friend and game development legend, Scott Adams. Escape the Gloomer is a Conversational Adventure™ game. You have to check it out, it is truly incredible and very entertaining.
Find out all about Scott, his team at Clopas.

Conversational Adventure

Elizabeth Hudec, back in 2016 created an incredible booth for our Xbox game G Prime. We got to show it off at conferences. It was a real show stopper.
This time we commisioned her to make a video set version of the Redwall Abbey Library. It came out so well!
We will be using it for all the future game updates. Check out her GDC Booth she made for us here:

As you probably saw earlier, Tsebreso won the Lost Legends of Redwall Halloween Contest!

We Have A Winner! 2018 Lost Legends of Redwall Halloween Contest

And remember you can compete again and we will choose the winner in July at ComicCon!

Now for The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Updates.
First of all, we are so excited about the websites! Check them out. We will be updating them with any new game info as it happens.

The Vermin Update!

You probably have already been playing it, but this was our first major Game addition adding a whole new level to the Scout.

Vermin Update

Coming soon!
We are now working on the Woodlander Update and hope to have it out this winter. Among many cool things, this will allow you to play the game as Liam, the male scout.

By Christmas:

The Scout is currently being readied for Xbox and Playstation 4 release. This will bring the game to a whole new audience. Check back for details on that soon.

The Soundtrack
Last but not least, we will soon have the whole soundtrack ready for sale. We are so excited to share this.

And please remember to give us feedback. You can find the feedback button on the Scout menu.

See ya soon and happy Thanksgiving!

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