21 Aug 2018 Steam Early Access Build : Tech Update V 0.96

Below you will find a condensed version of The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout early access changelog for 2018-08-20. You can also see the types of bug being submitted. To view the whole change log visit the link below.

Changelog (2018-08-20) Early Access
In Backlog: 203
Working On – Total Bugs: 14

I’m stuck in the maize maze after eating my wayinside the walls.
Submitted By: Luvlymish

Coyle is stuck at the top of the watchtower saying his “I’m certain a youngster…” line over and over again when I try to get the next part of the first quest
Submitted By: Adrien Mcculloch

Can’t Get The Right Conversation From Coyle – Hey I’m having an issue that makes the game pretty much unplayable. I’ve just made the soup in the first act and I’m trying to talk to Coyle but he won’t stop repeating his line about youngsters. I’ve tried over from the beginning, I’v tried loading a checkpoint, I’ve tried drowning myself in the water to reset but I can’t do a single thing. It’s quite disappointing because I can’t do anything to play the game.

Cannot Save Ichabod – You can lead an ichabod to a dumbwaiter but you cant make him use it – sage advice but also broken

Crash on New Game – Three discord users are getting crashes when trying to start a new game. These may or may not be related. All have given their output logs.One user says they get through the loading screen before crashing.

Fraybie maze pathing – Fraybie sometimes doesn’t go to maize. Navmesh pathing is off somehow.Check to see if path available is being checked and deleting a nav target if a “partial” path is found

Missing Lore images – mail loads a white screen.
Submitted By: Toothrip

Scumsnout on cart – Scumsnout jumps on to the cart with you and kills you, leading to an endless death loop of impossibility.

I’m using Controller. When I navigate to the settings to check my keybinds and I reset my ‘down D-pad’ for Grouping other Mice, I could no longer navigate the menu with the controller. Using keyboard was fine.
Submitted By: Erin

rats walk through walls – nav mesh
Submitted By: Benjamin

In Progress – Total Bugs: 1

2018.2 Upgrade – Fix any errors related to updating Unity from 2017 to 2018 so the whole team can upgrade.

Completed – Total Bugs: 132

Only Showing Top 10

The opening cinematic played the sound but was only black on my screen
Submitted By: Sylvane Mindune

Attempted to dash in Hilltop Camp and got stuck in the dash animation
Submitted By: Sylvane Mindune

i was doing the geocache objective during the initiation and after i found one cache i fell into the river trying to get the the location to look for the next one after i respawned the one i had found did not count towards my total and had not respawned so i could collect it again this made completing the objective impossible I tried reloading a spawn but that didn’t work so i had to restart my game and do the tutorial over again
Submitted By: Admlral Aardvark

after you rescue the friend in the hallway you get stuck cant move unless you jump and on the boardwalk after the hole you get stuck
Submitted By: Matthew Cox

player turned ninety degrees. I think I just smelled the rat and fell over 😉
Submitted By: Caleb Lelacheur

Restarting a checkpoint while searching for geocaches (e.g. by running into water) resets the counter for the number found without reseting the placement of the geocaches, making the task impossible to be completed unless one exits the game and reloads their save.
Submitted By: Joel

When attempting to exit out of the main menu settings menu, the menu doesn’t close and becomes a blank menu (but still with the ” settings ” title.
Submitted By: Peter

the “submit bug” form doesn’t seem to be working-Emu discord

Can’t move party

alot of screen jitter – There is alot of screen jitter in the game when walking and running.The bug above you submitted has been fixed and it will appear in the next build. Thank you for your support in making Redwall the best it can be.
Submitted By: Screen Jitter