Act I revamp – Wield the Wonder

Around this time last year, Act 1 re-released with a major overhaul to graphics, performance, and player experience. Well folks, we did it again, and it’s better than ever! We’ve taken your reviews, examined your bug reports, and honed our craft to bring you the “Wield the Wonder” update! After a year of lessons learned, we couldn’t help but go back and polish the first installment to be every bit as great as its sequel!

More Focused Gameplay:

 Enjoy the same great tale without all the confusion. We’ve done our best to devise clear level goals without compromising the fun.

Improved Narrative Integration:

 Fine-tuned our script to deliver the best story possible. Now with more vermin chatter than ever before!

All New Vegetation:

 A fresh lineup of trees, shrubs, and cave moss to make your stay in Lilygrove all the more enchanting. Old on the left, New on the Right.

Even More Performance Improvements:

 Turns out our prettier trees run better too, allowing us to pack in more beauty per frame.

Better Snow:

 Now with extra sparkle and smooth transitions.

New Tutorial Experience:

 Gone are the cryptic tutorial scrolls of old. New on-screen prompts walk you through the controls and set you up for success! We’ve even gutted the original tutorial quests and replaced them with a stunning new cave quest, complete with fresh dialogue to fill it.

Enhanced Chase Controls:

 In the past, our final level has had a bit of a reputation for inconsistent controls. Now, it’s been polished to be a dependable and enjoyable experience.

As we look forward to Act 3, know that Soma Games will continue to push our standards ever higher. Tell us what you think — both the good and the bad. We always value your input!

We really hope you enjoy the update. Best wishes,
Soma Games