Lost Legends of Redwall app Release Notes

Welcome, testers! Check back here each week to see what bugs have been fixed in each new build!


While new builds are pushed on Friday, due to work schedules these Release Notes will typically be updated every Monday.

Build 3.0.2 (13) Release Notes
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll arrow was appearing in places where it wasn’t supposed to.
  • Fixed a number of typos.
  • Fixed some issues in which some art assets would load at different rates and speeds when the scenes fade out.
  • Fixed some gaps that appeared on the top and sides of the screen on some devices.
  • Fixed some issues with the ambient background noises and with missing music.
  • Fixed some incorrect character images showing up when speaking.
  • Fixed the “Read From Here” button being broken on some Caverns of Kotir nodes.
  • Fixed the character images showing up too large.
  • Fixed some errors that showed up in the buttons saying variables were missing.
  • Fixed some dead ends.
  • Fixed the Node map not displaying progress in The Wildcat Scrolls Act 2.
Build 3.0.2 (12) Release Notes
  • Fixed issues of different “pieces” of characters (like eyes) fading out at a different pace than the rest of the scene in the game.
  • Fixed a dead end when speaking to John Churchmouse.
  • Fixed white lines and outlines appearing around Alister and Bea.
  • Fixed the “Warning” graphic not showing the correct art when the player clicks to restart their game.
  • Fixed some incorrect music tracks playing over each other.
  • Fixed some missing backgrounds when you were escaping the cats in The Wilcat Scrolls Act 2.
Build 3.0.2 (11) Release Notes
  • Hotfix to add back in the monetization functionality using candles. (Your candles will deplete and eventually run out now.)
Build 3.0.2 (10) Release Notes
  • Fixed a dead end in the Healer route of Wildcat Scrolls Act 1.
  • Fixed a number of options showing errors when playing The Wildcat Scrolls Act 1.
  • Fixed a whole bunch of variables not carrying over from The Wildcat Scrolls Act 1 to Act 2. (Like your class.)
  • Fixed an issue with our backend parser causing spots in The Wildcat Scrolls to fail.
  • Fixed nodes getting disconnected in Flowers of Icetor if you took a certain path.
  • Fixed character speech overflowing the scroll that displays it.
  • Made the transition between characters speaking dialogue smoother.
  • Fixed a narrative mistake where the Flowers of Icetor were given to Mila and then also taken home with the player. 
  • Ensured the text is always re-scrolled up to the top in the next screen if you scrolled it down on the previous screen.
  • Fixed the large gap appearing in text describing the outhouse in The Wildcat Scrolls Act 1.
  • Fixed duplicated text from Fr. Cedric saying that he is looking forward to seeing you.
  • Fixed various reported spelling typos throughout all of the games.
  • Added a missing name when Henny bangs their head.
Build 3.0.2 (9) Release Notes
  • Fixed various typos in all stories.
  • Fixed a number of dead ends in Wildcat Scrolls Act 1 and Caverns of Kotir.
  • Removed a blank screen at the beginning of Flowers of Icetor.
  • Fixed variable errors that were causing error messages to be displayed inside option choice buttons.
  • Fixed some backgrounds that were offset incorrectly.
  • Fixed the candle plaque on the main menu causing the game to crash.
  • Fixed typo in game title being displayed.
  • Added art for the Reset button in the pause menu.
Build 3.0.2 (8) Release Notes
  • Removed asking player to type in their name.
  • Fixed wrong character showing up for “Skipper” in Caverns of Kotir.
  • Fixed some dead ends.
  • Fixed a missing background in Wilcat Scrolls Act 1.